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ELITE Hand-Built Instrument Cable (Elite Core CSI)

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Elite Core's new line of CSI cables has been designed, discussed, and debated here at headquarters for a while now. Every single component was carefully chosen by a team comprised of engineers and musicians alike. The result? Your new favorite cable.


Straight connectors with silent-plug [Neutrik's NP2X-AU-SILENT]. Right angle option, with standard (non-silent) Neutrik connectors.


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Designed with a fully shielded copper braid to eliminate interference, a strong layer of conductive PE that provides virtually memory free performance, and an internal jacket around the conductor. All of these elements help to control shifts in capacitance, lowers handling noise, and provides a ruggedly strong form. The result is a dead silent cable that will withstand years of abuse.

The technicians in the Elite Core Custom Shop have spent many years refining their techniques for consistent, stable, and reliable soldering.  The finest solders and flux from Kester are exclusively used.  Only the highest quality Weller soldering stations are employed.   The finest 2:1 polyolefin shrink tube is used to protect the solder connections and finish out the cable.  Once it’s finally assembled, each cable is hand-tested, then over/under coiled and finished off with a Bongo-Tie before being sealed into a plain clear poly bag for safe travel.   No money was wasted on expensive, fancy packaging that would end up in the trash anyway.  We thought it best to invest in the finest components available from the inside out.  While some cable companies hire high end advertising and marketing firms to develop packaging and content in an effort to convince the market of their quality.  At Elite Core we prefer to “sell the steak, and not the sizzle”.


All of our connector options for the CSI cable are genuine Neutrik: straight, right-angle, and silent-plug.

The straight connector [Neutrik's NP2X-BAG] is an imporved design on the C series phone plugs. They offer the thinnest available A-gauge 1/4" plug with Neutrik's unique strain relief design which elimates stress on the connectors solder joint.

The right-angle connector (Neutrik's NP2RX-BAG]  lays flat against the body of the instrument and allows you to run it under your strap which provides an additional layer of strain relief.

Lastly, the silent-plug [Neutrik's NP2X-AU-SILENT] is a stright plug with a built in switch which automatically mutes (shorts) the cable to avoid annoying pops and squeals when unplugging and plugging in your instrument. 

The switch is based on the REED technology and guarantees a lifetime beyond 10,000 mating cycles.