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Elite Core CSM4-NN Studio Grade Ultra Quiet and Ultra Durable Quad Mic Cable

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Studio Grade Ultra Quiet and Ultra Durable Quad Mic Cable with Genuine Neutrik NC3XX XLR Connectors. Braided Shield.

Elite Core’s CSM4 Studio Quad Custom Shop mic cables are hand-built by skilled technicians in our facility in Conway, Arkansas, USA.  A good quad cable is advised in any stage or studio setting with high levels of RF and EMI noise, especially in today’s wireless world. Quad cables use double conductors and are far more effective than standard balanced cables in canceling noise that can creep past even the best shield. Only the finest available materials and most effective techniques are used.  Every detail - the cable construction, the connector choice, the solder, the flux, the shrink tube, the testing, and the packaging, are each carefully chosen to create the finest stage and touring microphone cable available.  Want to know more?  Here you go:
Cable Construction:
The CSM4 quad conductor cable is designed from the inside out to be the finest studio and stage grade cable available.  Every component of the cable itself is carefully chosen with the end goal of creating a tough, flexible, and dead-quiet microphone cable.  It’s not an ordinary cable. Here’s a closer look:
Inner Conductors:
There are four cores that are very tightly twisted with a very short lay length. Each core is constructed of 26 strands of .1 pure bare copper.  These conductors are transparent, precise, and extremely flexible.  The high twist rate of these four conductors around each other results in dramatically improved rejection of electromagnetic interference when compared to standard two‑conductor mic cables.  In some cases, the noise reduction could be up to 20db.

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