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**Pre Order** Hot Rod/Blues Deluxe/Deville full re-tube kit


**Pre-Order - Expecting to ship in the next 7-10 days **

1- 5881/6L6 matched pair

1- 12AX7T/ECC83T for V1 (optional 12AX7HG instead)

1- 12AX7A for V2

1- 12AX7LM for phase inverter position

Note: The 12AX7T (standard) in V1 gives these amps a great sparkle on the top end and a little of that midrange breakup in the front end. The 12AX7HG Option will keep things a bit more clean and rounder in the upper midrange and high end. You can give a listen via the link below.

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12AX7HG Option:
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