Full Re-tube Kits

AC15C1/CC full re-tube kit (also AC10)

from 73.00

One of our best-selling kits. Set your AC15 up with PM’s and this is what you get: More headroom, tighter bottom end, clear, smooth highs, and articulate mids. A proper choice for one of the world’s most popular amplifiers.

1- EL84 matched pair

1 - 12AX7HG for V1

1- 12AX7A for V2 (C1 kit only)

1- 12AX7LM for V3 (phase invertor)

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PRE-ORDER: We are waiting on a shipment of 12AX7HGs that should be here in the next few days. You can pre-order your AC15 Kits and they will ship as soon as possible.