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About Tube Boutique

Tube Boutique is an online dealer for PM Guitar Tubes. PM was founded by Peter M. Watson, a pioneer in the tube industry over the past 40 years. They are designing some of the best sounding, most reliable tubes for guitar amplifiers in modern production. Their commitment to quality and excellence is being appreciated by guitarists who know just what the 'PM Experience' is all about.


PM's new 'TRUSTWORHTY' 12AX7T/ECC83T follows Ernie Rowe's design principals for production the ultimate 12AX7 preamp tube.


This amazingly sweet sounding 12AX7 tube, using tried & true BRIMAR/BVA design techniques, is gaining in popularity with players who seek a clear, expressive tone that let's their touch and technique really shine. Great for 'edge of breakup' settings in classic-style amplifiers.


 Our most popular 12AX7. The HG, while designated 'High Gain', actually produces around 20% more CLEAN GAIN that is sent down your signal chain. This helps players who want to clean up the front end of their amp a little bit and push their power tubes a bit more.